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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Thank God It's Friday (1978)

This seems to have got better with age - a poor movie strung together with a few hits, some no hope tracks and some decent stuff.  A Casablanca double album with an additional 12" single of Donna Summer doing J'Taime (Moi Non Plus)  produced by her aces Moroder and Bellotte.  Other highlights are Natural Juices Floyd's Theme, Summer's stand alone hit "Last Dance" and Paul Jabara's pop hit "Trapped In A Stairway".  I have to say the billing for the movie as the next "Fever" was overdone but Casablanca still shifted van loads of this - swelling their ever draining funds (a complete other story - well documented in Larry Harris' label history "And Party Everyday").  Canny label heads got together with Gordy's Motown to co-produce the film, licensing hit tracks from Diana Ross, Thelma Houston and the Commodores to boost the set but basically the two and a half LPs were a stretch and a shorter highlights could have been a better seller.  The film is dire - watch it when wide awake or wanting of sleep!

Donna Summer RIP

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