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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye (1975)

The great disco album of 1975 - this was a game changing album which was a pre-cursor for the genre to come - long instrumental passages with the song in their somewhere.  It's said that Gloria wasn't best pleased when she heard the results (due to her lack of presence for most of the time) but she was wrong this is a great album particularly side A which features just sublime disco versions of Reach Out, Honey Bee and Never Can Say Goodbye.  Here's a radio interview with her and producer Tom Moulton about the making of this.

There is a CD release on this with a number of added songs - worth every penny (probably cent as you'll end up getting from the US)

Here's a review of the LP when released in 1975 from Blues and Soul.
 UK: MGM 2315 321
(cover shown is US version but same art was used - see my second hand purchase price!)

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