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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Tymes - The Tymes (1974)

From The Lost Record Covers Club

One of my favourite 70s soul album. Discovered on the back of the singles "Trustmaker" and the massive no1 Uk hit "Ms Grace" this set really hangs together with a great production and set of songs.  The longtime vocal group were well into their second career bythen having emerged in the 50s.  The album was a Philly triumph featuring production by Billy Jackson. Recording was split between the New York RCA studios and Sigma Sound in Philadelphia. Strings and horns throughout were from TSOP (the Sound Of Philadelphia) - possibly including most of MFSB.
Apart from the singles the standouts are  the reworked "So Much In Love"; "Someway, Somehow I'm Keepin' You" and "The Sha-La Bandit" but the crown goes to my must have "Are You Lookin'" which I have seen referred to as "Same Cloud" in other places.  A brilliant vocal perfomance against a top arrangement and gathering crescendo of an ending.
This copy is an orginal US pressing: RCA APL1-0727
available on CD coupled with the "People" album under the collected title "Grace and Favour" 

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