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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Syreeta (1972)

By the release of this album in June 1972 Rita Wright was the ex-wife of Stevie Wonder but they were still collaborators and, with a history of writing hits ("If You Really Love Me" and "Signed, Sealed Delivered - I'm Yours" amongst them) it was Wonder who oversaw this debut album.  This was an early release on Motown's new MoWest Label. Syreeta had sung back up on a number of hits previously and been a serious contender as Diana Ross' replacement in the Supremes.

The album is a parallel introduction the the new Wonder who, freed from Motown controls after turning 21, would go on to produce his greatest work; producing ,writing and arranging albums and not just hit singles in the Motown tradition.  Songs here  a Wonder produced version of his earlier recording, "I Love Every Little Thing About You" (from Music Of My Mind released the same year); a cover of Lennon-McCartney's "She's leaving Home" and Smokey's "What Love Has Joined Together".  The killer track for me is "To Know You Is To Love You" which is a duet with a long guitar end segment.

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