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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years (1985)

From The Lost Record Covers Club
Now much maligned (and unjustly so) but when this was released music fans were stunned by such a great song from a young band.  Obviously it turned out to be Mick Hucknall and his band with him being and remaining the driving force.  He is currently on a farewell tour and has just had a TV special on ITV which gave some insight into his roots.  Hopefully readers will have a bit more knowledge of him as a person than the tabloid lethario he has always been painted.  Why do we love to bring down or simply ignore any British heroes?  He is one for me.  Making soul music on his own terms.  Yes some of the later stuff was a bit pop and some suffering from a dip in quality but play this one song or the whole of any of the early albums from Picture Book to Stars and I defy you to name another consistent songwriter of this quality with such a great soul voice who hails from these shores.  I say get off his back and listen without prejudice.

This song is readily available so I have included here the original B side.  Later re-recorded - this is the orginal vinyl version.  He claimed to be criticised for making covers.  He interprets songs and doesn't just cover them.

Soul? very much yes.

Once again we find Stewart Levine in the producer's chair.

Atllantic - YZ70

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