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Monday, 19 March 2012

Robert Palmer - Double Fun (1978)

He's at it again - I really like that we can expect a great story type cover from these releases.

Now, if you were going to buy just one RP album this is the one I would recommend.  It has all the funk playing and soulful singing of the earlier three (see below) and the strings and arrangements learnt from playing and recording with the best.  The story goes that these tracks were recorded mostly then remixed by Tom Moulton (who would around this time remix a lot of Philly soul for the dance crowd, also see Gloria Gaynor) - so much was his influence that Tom ended up with the producer credit on many of these final cuts.  I'd like to hear the originals as they would show just how far Palmer had got with his mission to deliver US funk (is there any other kind) in a British way.

No end of great racks here, Andy Fraser's "Every Kinda People" and title track "Best Of Both Worlds" continues the theme with the rockier "You're Gonna Get What's Coming" and a fine version of the Kink's "You Really Got Me ".  "You Overwhelm Me" brings on strings in the Gene Page vein.  One of those albums I have to play in it's entirety - not just a recommend on this one - just go and get it - now!

footnote: Much of Palmer's career, certainly the early albums in this run of posts, features in the book - Are We Still Rolling? by Engineer and Palmer's friend, Phill Brown

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