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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Detroit Emeralds - Abe, James and Ivory (1973)

Detroit_Emeralds-You_Want_It_You_Got_It_b.jpgThe Emeralds saw their catalogues issued in a number of ways during the early 1970s.  They hit with "Feel The Need In Me" and that drove the release of an album of the same name with a brown cover (this was on Janus). Then an album called "You Want It You Got It"  to capitalise on the next hit with a cover featuring a woman in a fur coat (found it!) issued on Westbound.

All three feature the same tracks but this is my favourite set.  On Westbound and bringing together some of the newer material and poular sateside tracks like "Wear This Ring (With Love)".  The track "I Think Of You "
 drove sales of this particular issue.  There is a very comprehensive Cd compilation out on Westbound (not sure who that's through these days).

Westbound (via Philips/PolyGram) - 6309 101
(Rebought at a record fair for £8)

Here are some ads from Blues and Soul Magazine - Summer 1973

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