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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Daryl Hall And John Oates - Bigger Than Both Of Us (1976)

From The Lost Record Covers Club
The duo are, perhaps, best known for their albums in the eighties and the classic "I Can't Go For That" but earlier in their career they had worked with Arif Mardin, Tod Rungren and other top notch producers and had a run of fantastic albums.  The reason:- good songs.  You can have all the production you like but if the base song ain't there then you're way behind.  These two are talented in the van load.  This is a classic album with the well known track "Rich Girl" included but the album is a real set in it's own right with "Kerry" and "Back Together Again", "Crazy Eyes", and "Falling" all favourites.  The tour in supporting this in '76 was well worth the ticket.  They had a very tight band and put on an excellent show.  I got to work on the reissue of some of their albums on CD later when I was at RCA - when you're a fan - what could be better?

This was produced by the duo with long term collaborator Christopher Bond.

LP: NL 83866 (RCA mid price reissue c. 1985)
CD: PD 83866 European CD issue.

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