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Monday, 16 May 2011

The Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro (1980)

From The Lost Record Covers Club

Me in 1980 - I knew nothing about the Liverpool music scene.  I was working at PolyGram and Phonogram had a new priority - Teardrop Explodes.  There was no single but the album (we were told) was going to be huge.  I had a listen when the tapes arrived but couldn't see it myself.  As I said I knew nothing.  The album got airplay by Peel and the likes but obviously was ignored by top 40 radio.  Until they decided to releases a new song called "Reward".  This gained airplay and soon was sitting at number 3 in the UK charts.  Treason was reissued as a consequence and got to 18.  The album was repackaged to include reward and soon we were re-pressing the album once more - albeit with this naff new cover.....  TE was fronted by Julian cope and produced and managed(?) by soon to be half of KLF Bill Drummond (read his book "45" - a revolution in 356 pages!).

Original sleeve (top) and release - Mercury - 6359 035
the second issue (maddly for production) had the same number.

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