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Friday, 1 October 2010

Cado Belle - Cado Belle (1976)

From The Lost Record Covers Club

Only one album from another soulful British band of the 70's.  I seem to be developing a theme here.  This band were signed to the Anchor label which didn't last in the UK very long and perhaps this is why they disappeared off the radar so quickly after showing so much promise.  The band were - Maggie Reilly (vcls);Alan Darby (Gtr);Gavin Hodgson (bs); Stuart Mackillop (keys); Davy Roy (drm/perc) and; Colin Tully (sax/flt).  The backing vocals were augmented by two from Kokomo - Frank Collins and Paddy McHugh.  Ace Sax/arranger - Mel Collins also features along with Paul Buckmaster arranging strings.  Difficult to get hold of this on CD although you do see the vinyl every now and then at fairs and ebay. Nice packaging job.  Wonderful Soul Album from Brits again.

From The Lost Record Covers Club

Anchor Records - (pictures scanned from CD ANCL 2015 - Japanese Import)

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