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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Robert Kraft And The Ivory Coast - Moodswing (1979)

From The Lost Record Covers Club

I would guess this is fairly rare.  It didn't sell anything.  At the PolyGram production office early 1980 WE LOVED IT! and it was played all day long.  I know nothing about him but they jointly made a laid back jazzy album that was different. Worth a look for.  Recommended.

RSO - RSS 19


  1. I was in college in 1979 and worked at the college radio station and we LOVED this record. We played it relentlessly.

    I caught Mr. Kraft live not long after I moved to NYC in 1982, but no longer have this record, more's the pity.

  2. Great that music can take you right back to some good times. A brilliant or bizarre signing for a label at the height of it's success - but I guess he got the benefit of their knowledge that they had the income from Saturday Night Fever/Grease to fall back on. I'll post some tracks on shortly