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Monday, 6 September 2010

Genesis - Spot The Pigeon EP (1977)

From The Lost Record Covers Club

Post Gabriel, Genesis moved on and, with Phil Collins front and centre as vocalist, released the "Trick Of The Tail" album.  This is where I came in - I hadn't been exposed to any Genesis other than "Wardrobe" prior to this but after seeing them perfom "Ripples" on The Old Grey Whistle Test I was floored.  That track is still high up in my favourites by the band.  Soon after the release and surprise reaction to that album (all were expecting them to fail without PG) they put this out.  A good sampler for where they were at that moment.  It was considered "rare" but has now probably appeared on one of the re-compiled CD reissues on Charisma. I love " Inside and Out".

I later saw them around the time of "Duke" - which I worked on the release of, and then "Genesis" (the one with "Mama") and they were a tremendous live band.

Charisma - GEN 001 (7" EP)

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