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Monday, 16 August 2010

City Boy - Book Early (1978)

From The Lost Record Covers Club
The second City Boy album which followed the success of 5705 as a single.  The release of this was really messed up from a marketing point of view as it should  have been ready as 5705 hit the charts but Phonogram delayed awaiting a follow-up hit which didn't come. Then production problems, by which time the buyers had moved on.  I saw this band at a showcase at Ronnie Scotts as the first album was released - the great track "Hap-Ki-Do Kid" was amazing and sadly didn't get the airplay it deserved.  They were a real live band putting on a great show.  Sadly they couldn't maintain their momentum and Phonogram lost interest.  Fact - 5705 was originally pressed as a single called "Turn To Jesus" but it was pulled prior to release in favour of a new set of lyrics (were they mindful of a potential radio problem in the US?).

Vertigo - 9102 026

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