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Monday, 30 August 2010

The Cate Brothers - In One Eye And Out The Other (1976)

From The Lost Record Covers Club
The second of the two best known works for these guys - I don't know of any other but i'm sure that wasn't it for them.  They had a following here in the UK and (I think) did one tour around the release of this.  This doesn't have the stand-out track as the debut had "Union Man" but if you like d the sound this was more of the same with some good, not great songs, excellently arranged and produced by Steve Cropper and performed by the guys.  In the UK in '77, '78 they wouldn't have got a look in with Punk on the rise washing away many a promising career.  There are some videos of live perfomances on YouTube so they did carry on.  Let's hope it worked for them.

Asylum - K53049 

ps. Just seen a third album "The Cate Brothers Band" which I remember being released but also remember being disappointed with.

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