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Club News

March 2012 - Get Off My Cloud
Have now opted for MixCloud for posting mixes rather than 8tracks as it allows for crossfades and mixing generally.

December 2011 - Portable Radio
8Tracks now has some of my mixes or at least sets to stream.
Made In Walthamstow is my site for gathering research into the PolyGram/Philips vinyl factory in London E17.
June 2011 - Round And Round
I seem to have got a bit of a virtual network going.  Please let me have your comments - entries for my singles and comments releases.
http://picknmixed.blogspot/ - comments on Life, Music and Allsorts (but basically music connected) - depository for all uploaded music, much of which is linked to the blogs and or 45Cat.

May 2011 - The Right Thing To Do
I seem to have got the singles bug again so 7" bags are making appearances on the site - i'm sure 45Cat is the driver for that but i'm discovering some brill forgotten (by me that is) tracks - hopefully sharing them is the right thing to do.

February 2011 - Tell It Like It Is
I'm adding links to 45Cat entries relevant to each posting in order that you can see both details of an artists releases and others comments on a particular band, artist or song.

January 2011 - The Cat Crept In
I have discovered 45Cat - the database of UK 7" 45 rpm singles built entirely by members.  Entries currently number 84,000 and this is growing all the time at a rapid rate.  It is an excellent way to catalogue your singles and also to see those that got away. Go To BoyRed at 45Cat

September 2010 - Cloudbusting
I have joined SoundCloud.  Initially to post my mixes somehwere to publish them to friends rather than copying CDs.  However now I am discovering more about the blogosphere and how various sites can be linked together.  This will mean that I can give access to some of the tracks I talk about either via SoundCloud or corresponding posts on YouTube and elsewhere. Link to my SoundCloud pages by clicking on the logo on the home page.

July 2010 - What's It All About (Alfie)?
I now declare this club open.....
Set up in frustration of not being able to have the correct artwork on my i-pod/i-tunes i started to scan and copy the visuals lost to record company wisdom at fixing something that wasn't broke. A blog seemed a good idea as other may well have been having the same issues.

It then seemed sensible to give some comment on what the album/track was about.  I don't want this to be like a bible of facts, so I will add my experience with the music and give my opinions only.  Whilst I think that any factual information is correct (and I check where my memory needs some help) I am happy for you to comment on any corrections or additional knowledge you have.

At first this will only include entries of stuff that I own.  I did work in the music business on the production side (manufacturing not in the studio) and so many of the releases talked about include my knowledge or anecdotes about the making of those releases. 

What About Me?
Well, I'm a music collector of too many years to mention. Started working in my local record shop at 14 and later spent 10 years in the record business on the line between marketing and manufacturing/distribution. I worked at the PolyGram pressing plant progressing orders through to delivery; bought labels and covers; worked at the distribution depot dealing with new album releases; I was on the team for the launch of CDs in the UK; I moved to RCA when they were amalgamating their various national catalogues into one consolidated european one and launching CDs across the market. It was my job to take the LP and create the CD (I would have paid them to do it!). I had a small dabble with my own label (two artists!), plus various market and record fair stalls, ebayer; and remain a keen music collector and staying very interested in the business generally.

The answer is....
Kenny Rogers
Cilla Black
Kate Bush
Aarron Neville
Carly Simon
Chuck Berry (or Stones or Bowie)
Hall and Oates
What was the question...?